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Pink Pandemonium^

Jun. 22nd, 2010

06:28 am - Make me read romance novel. I dare you.

My reading material has always been books that if one falls upon you from the shelves, it will crack your skull. World history, epic fantasy, science fiction, thriller, and etc.  I do read Japanese mangas (yaoi! YAY!) too as light reading, but I usually also end up reading the likes of Naoki Urusawa ^^; I scoffed at romance novels and gagged everytime Nora Robert was mentioned.

Last week, a friend of mine (whom I love dearly, and whom I want to choke the life out of her at least once a week) found my hidden folder full of Yaoi goodness (oops, busted!). I hid them because my surroundings are fairly traditional and religious, but surprisingly she's cool with the discovery. She even read some Shounen Ai that I recommended, and actually liked them! She tried reading full blown yaoi but found them kinda disgusting tho. I'm so glad that she was being so open minded about  my guilty pleasure.

Then, she dropped the bomb.

Her: So, remind me again why you hate my Nora Roberts collection?
Me : ....
Me : gulps  Uh, they lack plots....
Her: raises left eyebrow  And?
Me : drops sweat  Emm... Meaningless sex in almost every chapter....
Her : looks at me meaningfully
Me : feels like a big fat hypocrite

That's why last weekend I set aside my reading list and read the book that my friend recommended instead. Knight in Shining Armour by Jude Deveraux. My friend said that since I like SF&F, she rec'd KiSA because there's time travel in it. Huh. In SFF, the most outrageous things happen, but always backed up by complex theory either by magic or science. In KiSA though, there's no other explanation except that the girl wished real hard for a knight in shining armour and whooosh, there he was. All in all, the book is.... just ok. My favorite part in the book is Author's Note where she explained about 'alcoholic personality'.

—said that there was such a thing as an “alcoholic personality.” In fact, a person didn’t even have to drink to have this personality, and in that case, he was called a “dry drunk.”
What interested me about this personality was that a person who had it desperately needed to break the spirit of another human being. A “dry drunk” will choose the strongest, most moral, and most generous person he or she can find, then dedicate his life to trying to control, and therefore change, this person. The ultimate goal is to be able to say, “I’m not so bad. Sure, I do bad things, but look at this person. Everyone thinks she (or he) is so good, but I’ve just proven that she, too, can be bad.”

I'm trying to be open minded and planning to read some more romance. I'm currently looking for more recs online because I'm worried my friend's taste doesn't exactly match mine, so if I read her recs, I may end up abandoning romance genre completely. Wish me luck ^^

Jun. 3rd, 2010

11:02 pm - spreading JYJ love

Ever since the announcement of the new sub-unit or new group, JYJ, Tohoshinki fans around the world has expressed mix reactions to the news. Some people support it, some others strongly against it. I myself belong to the first group. Jejung, Yoochun and Junsu are three very talented people who deserve to advance in whatever field they choose. Whichever path they choose to follow, they have every right to do so.

I understand the sadness that Toho fan feel, because I'm one too. If ever they reconcile, I'll be very happy and most likely will do something outrageous, that's inappropriate for a woman my age, to express it. However, I see the chance for it to happen is very very slim at the moment or in the near future. Law suit will take a very long time, because this is not a very clear cut case. I'm also very convinced that this situation affects their friendship, no matter how strong their bonds together. Even if the lawsuit ends with result that brings Toho back together, in my opinion, there will be things that need to be patched between the members. That's why I see the five of them together again as a dream, but a dream that I cherish very much nonetheless.  Maybe someday I'll wake up and find  the dream comes true.

In the mean time tho, reality is here. So let's make the best out of it. I may will receive a lot of bashing because of  this, but I'll brace it all. I've created a community to support JYJ! (^___^)v


I just want to document all their activity right from the start. Whichever direction this unit take in the future, I won't be pimping this community much, or at all at that. If anyone stumble upon this and they happen to like JYJ too, please be a member and let's support them together. Peace.

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Apr. 13th, 2010

05:48 pm - Stop trying to be a victim SME!! You're not convincing me AT ALL!!

IMO, SME thought that without TVXQ, the trio won't be able to get jobs by themselves. At least, not big ones. Of course SME will only be too happy to lend a hand in closing doors for JCS. They tried to do that in Japan too by not letting Tohoshinki continue activities besides prescheduled ones. By cornering them, SME was hoping JCS to give up the fight. And if not, destroy them altogether.

But then, Avex gave Jaejoong a very good opportunity to be a part of a drama, with big actors and actresses nonetheless. Continued with Yoochun's drama and Junsu's album.

Besides that, JCS also got new agent in Korea (Mr Baek) who managed to get another drama for Yoochun and let's not forget the CF for candy conglomerate Lotte.

I'm sure this is what makes SME counter sue the trio. Instead of cowering in front of SME, which is a titan in Korean business industry, they get bigger instead. They won't give up. They cannot be destroyed. They're making good deals and big money. I'm sure the last one is what makes SME butthurt the most. They can't get their greedy paws anywhere near JCS' income anymore XD

Poor SME. Here, have some Lotte Blueberry.


Lotte like JaeChunSu !!

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Apr. 4th, 2010

11:05 pm - TOHO TOHO TOHO FIGHTO!!!!

I've been wondering. Some people who have been blaming JCS since the beginning say that the trio are greedy,etc or else why did they wait till 2009 to file lawsuit.

But is it possible that they just felt the injustice when they return to Korea for Mirotic (late 2008)? Was it possible that just THEN they felt the vast difference of how their agencies in the 2 countries treat them?

They were absent for almost 2 years in Korea,true. But they were still THE BEST in Korea.
Meanwhile in Japan, even though they just made their breakthrough with strings of Oricon top charters, they were/are still far away from being the biggest in Japan. Still a rookie. More or less.

Was it at the time they felt that it was very wrong of SM to treat their top earners way worse then Avex treat their (fairly) new artist?

It occurs to me, because some people have been saying that if situation in SM is so bad, then why do other artists stay silent? Maybe because it's the norm and they didn't know any better.

/random 2cents

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Jan. 19th, 2010

04:22 am - Ami-go and Jaechunsu

Amigo girl

Anyone who followed J-pop back in the end of the last millennium must have heard of
Ami Suzuki. She was one of Japanese biggest stars in the late 90s. Also the very own rival of Ayumi Hamasaki.  They both were continuously being compared and dubbed the heavy contenders for the next 'Queen of J-Pop'. Well, we know Ayumi is the one crowned as Queen. So Ami lost? Not quite. She was booted out of the competition when she was black listed from showbiz for having the audacity to sue her label.

Her label was convicted of tax evasion back in year 2000. Fearing that it will backlash on Ami, her parents decided to file a law suit to terminate her contract in early 2001. The court granted it to her, but the paternalistic Japanese entertainment world were angry and she ended up a persona non grata. Her radio show was canceled, she lost her role in drama, no more commercial nor endorsements, no label wanted to sign her and even her fan club was finally dissolved. Tragic.

Last year, three members of one of my favorite boybands,
TVXQ, has also filed a lawsuit against their management company.  The situation is different, but I can't help wondering whether Korean showbiz world has the same attitude regarding this with the Japanese. Are the artists also supposed to be good boys and girls and take everything what their label dish out for them? I haven't followed Korean entertainment for very long, but I must surmised that it's not very different. In the past, there have been several artists that have taken legal action against their company in Korea. Even though they're successful in court but their popularity after the clash took a deep dive, some even faded to obscurity.

TVXQ's circumstances are different. They are hugely popular not only nationally, but also internationally. Their breakthrough in Japanese showbiz has cemented their position  as Asia's no. 1 boyband. They have broken so many records such as;
The lawsuit was had garnered much attention because it  unveils the shocking truth behind the glamor of Korean showbiz. 
The lower court ruled in favor to Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu which resulting in TVXQ suspended from having activities in Korea and the trio free to pursue their solo career. However, the drama is far from over, because SM Entertainment has decided to bring this case to higher court.

Note. Ugh... I try to make this post article-like, but obviously not very successful in doing so. I just suck at writing. T_T There are some more things I'd like to say, like how I always think that whatever may happen, they will always have Japan to fall back to, but is that really so?? Maybe... because Ami made her comeback (thanks to Max Matsuura!!)
but only after several years had passed. This is 2010, so let's hope that what had happened to Ami will not happen to these boys I love so much. I may or may not edit this post later, but this 4 a.m already and my brain has stop functioning. So I'll cut this here.

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Jan. 18th, 2010

01:07 am - Miles Vorkosigan Saga

Miles Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Check Wiki for more info on the series

I wonder why I enter 2010 by digging up old stuff.

After reminiscing w-inds. now I reread this old series with still three more books to go.
In the midst of fantasy fictions invasions (it rhymes!! but doesn't really work ^^;) which was by started by Harry Potter, a friend introduced me to Cordelia Smith, the commander of an expedition, consists of scientists who jumps from planet to planet gathering scientific knowledge. So a bit reluctantly (because it's sci fi and I had Wheel of Time on my reading list),  I tried it (Shards of Honour) out. I was blown away. So I get Barrayar next. I was in love with Aral ^__^;

I was again a bit doubtful reading the next book, because the main character shifted to Miles Vorkosigan. But I braced through the doubt and I was in love again  (with Miles this time).

Facing so many troubles since childhood he grows up to be a very complex character.  He's brilliant, devious, hyperactive, over achieving bastard. It was a joy ride to follow how he mature to a confident man despite everything that befall him.

People who hasn't read the books must be confuse reading this, I'm not good at reccing, huh? In fact I butcher it T_T
Just go read the book. I assure you it's reaally good.

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Jan. 15th, 2010

01:35 am - Do NOT flirt your best male friend!!!!

Especially when he's already taken. Uh... no it doesn't matter whether he's claimed or not..
Just DON'T!!!
DO NOT!!!!

I flirt left and right all the time. It's just for fun anyway. But never, NEVER, with my close friends. So I have no idea what came into me when I decided to flirt with one of my closest friends last month (well.... not so much as decided as it just came out of nowhere T^T)

It was light and easy teasing at first, and he responded just as playfully, then somehow it accelerated!!! He was getting serious so I backtracked but he was persistent so I avoided him and then gyaaahhh!!!!! we got a small birthday party today for my best friend and I just couldn't avoid him anymore. and uh.. can anyone say awkward?!?

My life sucks!! Big time!!


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Jan. 13th, 2010

10:41 pm - Nostalgiaaaa ^_____^

Keita!!!!! Ryuichi!!!!!! Ryohei!!!!!!

How could I ever think that my love for them might have faded away (even for only a bit) ??? I've just dug my old folders and found their old photos and vids. Oooohhhhh...... so cute.... I'm replaying Super Lover over and over and over again and I remember again how much I love them ^___^

Imuuuttt XD

CAn't believe these cute boys are all grown up and manly now XD


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03:46 am - My debut!

They look  like a pimp and his thug, but their music is very much to my liking. Plus, a pretty pimp and a cool thug make my oversexed mind goes overdrive . Unfortunately I can't find information about them beyond their names and DOB.
Here goes Hilcrhyme everybody....


Listen to Shunkashuuto. There's no way you won't be in love with this duo. XD

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